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My mission is to support single parents, entrepneurs, and professional individuals globally to fulfil their full potential in life by creating content to support them in the area of personal finance, fitness and mindset. So that they can be more empowered, have more confidence and live in abundance.

Topics covered: Financial empowerment and it’s six principles, Fitness for purpose or a combination of the two topics.


Areas of life, health and business :

  • Empower in earning
  • Empower in spending
  • Empower in overcoming money blocks
  • Empower in savings
  • Empower in investments
  • Empower in giving


  • Keynote Speaker
  • Panel Discussion
  • Breakout Sessions and Workshops
  • Presentations and Corporate Training

Press And Media

  • Television, Radio and Podcasts

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A Fulfilled Legacy

Broken legacy: How to overcome lies and have financial freedom

In this book be ready to confront your money blocks, be prepared to face the truth about money, and be willing to build wealth to rebuild a broken legacy.


Hi, My name is Sandra Kaima, I would like to be your empowerment coach.

I wanted to share a bit of my story with you. Ten years ago, I found myself as a single mother, facing daunting challenges, including workplace bullying. These experiences, though tough, shaped my resilience and fueled my determination to create a better life for myself and my children.

Through dedication and perseverance, I achieved milestones I once thought impossible: buying my first home, becoming a published author, and founding this Financial Empowerment Program. These achievements weren’t just milestones; they were transformations that redefined my life.

I share this because I know that, like me, you have the potential to overcome your challenges and achieve great things.

I believe that you have the resources to fulfil your full potential in life.

You can not do the above if you’re stressing about money.

What I do and who I help

My mission is to empower single parents, entrepreneurs  and professionals globally to fulfil their full potential in life by following;

The six principles of financial empowerment; are empower in earning, empower in spending, overcome money blocks, empower in savings, empower in investments, empower in giving. With my support I want you to realise that you have the resources that you need to make your dreams a reality.

Be ready to become empowered, be ready to start living on purpose for purpose.

I am a speaker, empowerment coach, a winner of the Transformation and Innovation and a nominee for Changing Future for London and Home County.

An advocate for financial independence and wellbeing.

My coaching ability has inspired thousands of individuals like you to become empowered so that they can focus on their business and personal life.

With my support I can help you see beyond your present situation.

Do you want to fulfil your full potential in life ?

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