My videos are reviews of life-changing books and explore the ideas that support a community of individuals who would like to learn how to unlock their full potential: 

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Business Secrets From The Bible By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
In this video, I review Business Secrets From The Bible By Rabbi Daniel Lapin and give my 13 learning points on how to earn more money this is how.....
I will teach you to be rich
A review of Rami Sethi book I will teach you to be rich, which looks at areas such as how to use credit cards properly and how to eliminate debt.
Automatic Millionaire
A review of The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach, with some key learning points, such as Parents teach their children about finance, We should make our payments automatic, pay ourselves first and how to get rid of debt quickly by making an overpayment even as little as 1%.
Six Keys To Success
If you are looking to fulfil your full potential in life, then pay attention to this video. This video will give you the six principles you will need to get started. To find out more about the six principles and bonus topics.